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Our next Meeting is:

September 24th, 2017

3 PM (arrive 2:45 PM)

In the zoo.  

A Message From Our Founder  

In the year of its founding, Troop 136 was the only Boy Scout troop in the United States chartered to a zoo!

Today the Sacramento Zoological Society sponsors not only this Boy Scout Troop, but also a Cub Scout Pack for younger boys and a Venturing Scout Crew for older boys and girls.

The Scouting program has established itself as a positive activity for youth in the Land Park community—ranging from the 100 Eagle Scout projects to the neighborhood food collection for the needy. The Scouts have been extremely active in programs that promote and sustain a first-class zoological park in Sacramento.

In 2012 the Scouts at the zoo celebrated the first quarter century as Sacramento’s "Zoo Troop." Residents in the Land Park community are appreciative of the Sacramento Zoological Society and its enthusiastic and continuing support of Scouting in the community over the past 25 years.


-- Don Dean                                                                                                                  Updated: 07/29/15

Troop 136 - 2015

Webelos Zoo Safari 2016


The Scoutmaster Minute

June     17                    Golden Gate / San Francisco Hike

June     20 - 7/03          Philmont

June     26 – 7/01         Twilight Camp

June     25                    Troop Meeting: COH


July      2 – 8                Camp Meriwether

July      8                      TRT: Scott’s Lake Hike          

July      23                    Troop Meeting: Gateways and Towers

July      23 – 29                        Lost Coast

Aug      5                      PLC: Truckee Rafting Trip

Aug      11 – 12                        Camp Pahatsi Pioneering

Aug      13                    Troop Meeting: Knot and Lashing Relay

Aug      19                    Ice Cream Safari

Aug      27                    Troop Meeting: Towers

Hello Troop!

I just wanted to get out a few of the up coming items for this month that you all should be aware of!




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Are you a Webelos scout and want to spend the  night in the Zoo!


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