IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: You can now pay by using one of two options. You can either use PayPal or you can  still pay by cash, check or Scout Bucks..

*** Please note! If you are paying by Cash or Check the full amount must be paid to the Troop Contact by the deadline to sign up or you may be dropped from the list.  The Troop Contact for each event is listed on the Event page. What this means is, if there is a limit on how many can go you will be dropped and may not be able to get back in.

Troop 136 Payment Service

Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered members for your event. Now on to the Payment!

Make Sure You Secure Your Spots

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Paying by Cash, Check or Scout Bucks?

Please make sure you get your payments to the outing coordinator listed on the Events page by the sign-up                                     deadline!

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