Ever Hear a Term in Scouting and wonder “What’s That?”


As in any organization, acronyms and unfamiliar terms are often used that can be confusing. Does your son return from a scouting activity and seem to be speaking a foreign language? Do you note some strange words on a flyer or calendar?

This page is an effort to help define some of the more frequently used terms. If someone uses a term you are not familiar with simply ask them to explain it (we too all had to learn it some where), or sneak a glance at this glossary if your bashful about asking.


Acorn Training

This was the basic Adult Leader Training. It has been replaced by “Boy Scout Leader Basic Training“.

Adult Patrol (Old Grizzly Patrol)

When the troop goes camping, all of the adults form their own patrol for meal planning, shopping, cooking, eating, and sleeping. The adults try and set a good example of how a patrol should operate.

Alpha Phi Omega

This is a coeducational college fraternity based on the principles of Scouting. It accepts both men and women. Chapters are found at over 360 college campuses.

Annual Planning Meeting

The PLC meets to plan the next years activities with the guidance of the Scoutmaster. This plan is then presented to the Troop Committee for approval to make sure the plan meets BSA guidelines and that necessary resources can be provided. This normally occurs in the spring to plan the next school years activities.

APL – Assistant Patrol Leader

The Assistant Patrol Leader can be elected or appointed as each patrol sees fit. This scout helps the Patrol Leader with patrol activities and helps keep his fellow scouts on point and promotes scout discipline during patrol activities.

ASM – Assistant Scoutmaster

Adult leader who trains and guides the youth leaders in carrying out the scouting program. One or more Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM) help the Scoutmaster and are often assigned specific roles and duties.

ASPL – Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

The ASPL helps the SPL by making sure the Senior Staff is performing all of its tasks. The Troop 136 website under Resources has more information on job functions.

Axe Yard

A safety area that is roped off in which an axe, hatchet or other chopping tool is used.

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