Senior Staff Duties & Responsibilities

SPL ASPL Scribe Quartermaster Historian Chaplain's Aid OA Rep Librarian Troop Guide

Eagle Information

Eagle Service Project The Eagle Scout Guide - 2017

Merit Badge Information:

Troop “Need to Knows’”

Yearly Medical Forms Part A-D 2018 Re-Charter Form Parent Handbook - 2017 Edition Troop Merit Badge Process

Camping Information

Burr!... Cold Weather Camping Patrol Duty Roster Troop Hiking Plan Worksheet Eagle Scout Rank Application  National Eagle Scout Association National BSA Outdoors Badges National BSA Outdoors Badge Application Board of Review Info California Campfire Permits Wilderness Survival W S Worksheet How to Run a Great Court of Honor Troop Program Features Vol 1 Troop Program Features Vol 2 Troop Program Features Vol 3 Youth Protection Private Stuff

Scouting Applications

Adult Application Youth Application MB Councilor Application Troop Email Access Troop Check Request PLC Notes/Minutes ASM Notes/Minutes Committee Notes/Minutes Creating Patrol Flags Camp Fire Planner Scout Planning Worksheet Troop Meeting Plan NHP Award Tracker Form Event Posting Request Troop Resources Age Guidelines for Tool Use

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