“The Zoo Troop”

Troop 136 is a member of the Capital City District of the Golden Empire Council. And we are very proud to be sponsored the Sacramento Zoo.

The Scouts in Troop 136 run an active outdoor year-round program. From snow camping to backpacking to canoeing and white water rafting. Troop 136 offers boys from 11-18 years old the chance to try things they may never have attempted, and to go places in the wilderness they may never have gone. If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what we’re all about we meet in the Sacramento Zoo on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month unless otherwise stated on our calendar. See the troop calendar for more details on upcoming events.

To join Troop 136, boys must  first attend three (3) Troop meetings and one parent of each boy must attend at least on scheduled Committee meeting. Once the family has attended the required meetings and has decided to join the troop they must turn in a completed Scout and Adult applications, with applicable fees, to the Committee Chairman. Then the prospective scout needs to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and demonstrate that he has met the joining requirements in the Boy Scout Handbook. At the end of that conference, he is a Scout and is ready to be a Zoo Troop member. This information is explained further in a letter that the Scoutmaster gives to the new scout parents.

To invite Troop 136 to your Webelos bridging ceremony, contact our Troop Recruiter.

The chance to serve as a Scoutmaster for a Troop like 136 is an opportunity few get to do. I feel both honored and humbled to have the good fortune for the chance to serve as Scoutmaster for the second time. In the four years since I was last in this position I have watched the Troop grow and evolve under the guiding hands of Bill Heberger and Emily Malcolm. I am excited, and a little anxious, to see where this next step in my scouting journey takes me.

We truly are a boy-led troop. Our Senior Patrol Leader works with his team, known as a Patrol Leaders Council - a group of scouts that hold both troop and patrol leadership positions - and organize troop meetings and outings. As the Scoutmaster I work closely with the SPL and the PLC and guide them as they learn the ins and outs of leadership. Learning how to fail, and recover from that failure, is just as much a part of Scouting as success, and I am proud to say that after years of trail and error we have a solid leadership program.

I look forward to working with our dedicated staff of ASMs and Committee Members to make the next two years even more memorable than the last 29.

Yours In Scouting,

Steve Donaldson

Scoutmaster, Troop 136

From the heart of our Committee Chairman

Welcome to Troop 136,

I am pleased to be serving as Committee Chair for 2017 and look forward to working with the parent volunteers this year that fulfill the many services and responsibilities the Parent Committee provides.  We are always trying to improve how the Troop operates, so if you have ideas and skills that can benefit us…please feel free to approach me. Active parents and their input will always make a better experience for all.

We need every family to be engaged in the Troop in order to make things happen and operate smoothly. In fact, it is critical that parents participate by attending the once a month parent committee meeting at the same time as the Troop meeting. This is where the key decisions are made that determine the direction of the Troop. We do have fun at these meetings, and much information is shared about what your boys will be doing so it is a good venue to stay informed. We look forward to a fun-packed 2017 with you on outings, hikes, service projects, and meetings…helping your scouts be prepared and the best scouts they can be.

Thank you

Steve Nawrath

A Message from our


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